All Roleplay 4 Solutions actors are highly skilled in giving clear and constructive, learner centric feedback. We are adept at focusing the feedback to support our clients needs and incorporating the key principles, policies and culture of your business.

Whether we are working from a full script or improvising around a brief, all Roleplay 4 Solutions briefs are bespoke to your needs and designed to give you the best opportunity to achieve your desired outcome.


Roleplay 4 Solutions will guide you in making the right choices to be sure that your needs are met.


Roleplay 4 Solutions offers a wide variety of services that are fully customisable to your own business needs. We have worked hard to make sure that you are able to get the best possible product and the best possible results, all while staying within your budget.


When your team are dealing with the public, you want to make sure that they are upholding the quality and standards associated with your organisation. Whether sales, customer service or any area of the service industry, how your staff interact with the public reflects directly on your brand. 


Through on-site or simulated interactions with your team, we are able to effectively assess the level of service and identify potential areas for improvement.


Customer Service, Leadership, Communication and Development are the 4 pillars of the Roleplay 4 Solutions training packages.


The Roleplay 4 Solutions team can assist at all stages of the process from the development of training packages to the delivery and facilitation. All training is delivered on-location and packages can be adapted to suit in-house policies and practices.


Whether it is a half day or a full day, all packages are designed to deliver tangible, relevant and easy to apply information and skills.


Packages range from improving presentation skills, identifying and working with different personality types, through to understanding the impacts of gesture and non verbal communication.

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