All Roleplay 4 Solutions actors are highly skilled in giving clear and constructive, learner centric feedback. We are adept at focusing the feedback to support our clients needs and incorporating the key principles, policies and culture of your business.

'The Roleplay 4 Solutions team provided us with a valuable opportunity to objectively review the development of our team members in a professional environment'. - Matt Fenning, Managing Director Advise Wise



Roleplay 4 Solutions can offer a variety of bespoke services and solutions to meet every business and their budget


Through on-site or simulated interactions with your team, we are able to effectively assess the level of service and identify potential areas for improvement aligned with your organisational standard and brand,

'We engaged with the Roleplay 4 Solutions team to facilitate the launch of our first simulated session for Practice Experience Program (PEP).  We are very pleased with their performance and we strongly recommend them. We will definitely use their service again in the near future for our clinical workshops.' - Dr Rula Ali, GP Synergy


Customer Experience, Leadership, Communication and Development are the 4 pillars of the Roleplay 4 Solutions training packages.


The Roleplay 4 Solutions team can assist at all stages of the process from the development of training packages to delivery and facilitation. All training is delivered on-location and packages can be adapted to suit in-house policies and practices.


'Each business that engages with Roleplay 4 Solutions is investing in the delivery of a real and valid simulation - something that demonstrably adds value to the selection, developmentor assessment centre process' - Garry Emanuel, G D People and Performance Solutions