With over 30 years of combined experience our team is one of the most trusted troupes of roleplay actors in the country. We are dedicated to delivering quality and consistent performance that can elevate any training situation.

Our team can quickly and efficiently analyse briefs and scripts and work to make sure that all parties achieve the best possible outcome. We are masters at using key indicators and subtle behavioural prompts to make sure every interaction achieves its goal.

As communication is at the centre of everything we do, we at Roleplay 4 Solutions pride ourselves on our ability to give effective, poignant and succinct feedback tailored to the needs of our clients. 




Rom is a professional actor with over fifteen years experience in theatre, television and film. He has been a training and recruitment role play actor for the past twelve years.

Rom’s passion for coaching and acting started at a

young age when he was Captain of his soccer teams and coach to young children and he has applied these skills to his professional career.

As a role player, Rom has used his acquired skills to help both businesses and candidates reach their desired outcome and develop them in customer service, communication, leadership and relationship building.

Over the years, Rom’s expertise has led him to collaborate with behavioural psychologists and assessors to give a challenging and authentic experience in a number of diverse industries. He has worked with companies such as Transport for NSW,  NSW Health, NSW Department of Justice, AMP Horizons, Volkswagen Group Australia, Telstra and BeChallenged. 

Some of his career highlights have included starring as

the main lead in Panasonic’s “The Persecution of Rommy Gulla”, ABC “Grand Stand Hero” TVC, ESPN 2 TVC, TiVo Australia TVC and Movie Network 1 TVC as well as theatre productions including The Removalists, A Hat Full of Rain and Anna in the Tropics.

Rom holds a Certificate in Theatre Performance as well

as an Adv. Diploma in Performance Practice.